Beauty Splurge: bareMinerals Foundation Review

bareminerals foundation and brush

For the past 7+ years, I’ve been a loyal bareMinerals user. Their products are just plain amazing. They use simple, organic ingredients (so I don’t feel like I’m caking my face with funky chemicals), and the products are high-quality. The “full flawless face” brush pictured above has lasted me years (with weekly cleanings, of course). And their foundation is bar-none the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve always used the “Original SPF 15” foundation, but recently, bareMinerals has launched a new foundation called “Ready.” Here is my take on the two:


This is the tried-and-true bareMinerals. It’s in the form of a loose powder (also pictured above) and they have finally made a compact version of this one (it’s on my to-buy list). To apply, use the brush to buff the product into your skin. The coverage is pretty much perfect. You can layer on as much of this stuff as you need and work your way up to your desired look. The end result? Luminous, natural-looking skin. You will not look like you’re wearing foundation. Also, this product has no fillers, synthetic chemicals, binders or parabens. Plus, it’s oil-free. So you can basically sleep in this stuff and you won’t break out – not that I recommend doing so.


The “Ready” version gives you a different look. In my opinion, it provides much more coverage than the “Original,” but it’s a little more matte and less natural-looking. It’s a pressed powder that glides on easily without any streaks, so it’s easy to apply on-the-go and take with you for touch-ups throughout the day – not that you’ll need them. This guarantees 12 hours of coverage and moisturizes your skin all day. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I used the “Ready” foundation every day when I was traveling in NYC, and I never had to reapply (not even for a night out!). The only con is that it does have oil in it – so acne-prone girls beware, after wearing this stuff every day for a week, I did experience more breakouts than usual. However, I’d still recommend this for a special night out due to the flawless, long-lasting coverage.

Have you ever tried bareMinerals? What is your go-to product?



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