Beauty Lesson Learned: Replace Your Makeup Brushes!

So I learned a beauty lesson the hard way this month. I’ve been complaining about my complexion being really, really off lately. I haven’t changed my eating habits or used different face wash or foundation, but my skin has been so dry and broken out. I made sure the makeup brush I used to apply my bareMinerals was washed, but after a month of this (and no improvement with my skin), I figured out the culprit.

The bareMinerals powder brush I have been using is a little old (several years or so), but I wash it regularly so I figured it was fine. Until my trip to Sephora. Where I discovered that my brush has basically deteriorated halfway and needed replaced ASAP. Let’s just say my skin has calmed down significantly with this new brush (probably because the bristles aren’t uneven and broken like my old brush). Look at the difference below – the old brush is one the left and the new one is on the right:

bareMinerals brushes


If you notice that one of your makeup brushes looks worse for wear, I would highly recommend replacing it,  especially if you have sensitive skin. My makeup goes on smoother and my skin is so much less irritated. Lesson learned!



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