Fall Closet Clean-Out

Now that we are moving into fall, my friends and I decided to have a MAJOR closet clean-out day. Considering we only got through one closet in 4 hours, the closet purge turned into a multiple-day event, but I think we were pretty successful. The rule was that we had to get rid of anything we wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) wear again in order to fill our closets with some of the new fun fashions of fall. We planned a huge Saturday shopping trip to reward ourselves. Here are the (slightly harsh) guidelines we used:

  • Sarcastic comments were allowed in order to speed up the process
  • Anything stained or unraveling was out
  • Ed Hardy shirts were sadly, grudgingly tossed (why can’t they just come back in style!?)
  • If was cute but unflattering, it was out
  • Anything that could be used as a Halloween costume was vetoed
  • If we wore it in high school, it’s probably time to retire it
  • If an item didn’t match our current personal style, we could give it to one of the members of the closet clean-out group for re-use

Since I gave away SO MANY items (think several giant black trash bags), I felt completely justified to stock up on some of fall’s cutest trends. Here are a few of the pieces I’ve recently added to my closet:

Cobalt dress.

Cobalt peplum dress: Kensie

Embellished sweatshirt.

Embellished sweatshirt: Loft

Cheetah shirt.

Cheetah print top: Charming Charlie (yes, they also have clothes!)

Black moto boots.

Moto boots: Report, GB and Frye all have pretty similar styles

What new fall trends are you most excited to wear?



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