Holiday Wish List: Eye Palettes

While this is the season of giving and buying gifts for loved ones, don’t forget about your own holiday wish list! Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to put on your list (pay my rent? a trip to some place warm?), but one of my favorite gifts to ask for every year is an eye palette from Sephora. I truly don’t think I could have too many eyeshadow palettes – they are so much fun. Plus, they make great gifts for girl friends! You can experiment with more colors than if you bought a single or trio of eyeshadow, so it’s definitely more cost-effective in my opinion :).

Here are a few of my favorites to consider adding to your wish list. I own all of the “Smoky” palettes below and have gifted two of the neutral ones on the left! If you will be shopping at Sephora on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, I would definitely check to see which eye palettes are on sale – you can find some amazing deals, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong there!

Eye Palette Inspiration: Neutral vs. Smoky


Neutrals: These palettes would be perfect as basic staples in your makeup collection. You can still get a dramatic smoky eye with the darker browns, but it will be a more natural look. Top to bottom: Urban decay eyeshadow / Smashbox eye shadow / Sephora Collection eyeshadow

Smoky shades: I love a good smoky eye, especially in fun colors like navy blue or purple. All three of these palettes are great if you’re going for a more dramatic look. My personal favorite (and my go-to everyday palette) is the Urban Decay “Smoked” one in the middle. It comes with a 24 hour eyeliner pencil that does.not.budge. as well as a sample of eye primer! Plus, it’s versatile enough that you can use the lighter colors for work or school and the darker colors at night. Top to bottom: Kat Von D eyeshadow paletteSephora Collection dark eye makeup / Urban decay eyeshadow

Do you like neutral or smoky eyeshadow colors? Let me know what your favorite palettes are in the comments below.



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