Sock Bun 2.0

I’m all for the sock/doughnut/ballerina bun as an easy low-key hairstyle. Just cut a sock, roll it into a doughnut shape, then roll your pony with it…and voila. However, a few weeks ago I got a ton of choppy layers cut into my hair, and it made rolling it into a sock bun nearly impossible without random pieces of hair sticking out the sides. The results weren’t pretty, and I stopped attempting the sock bun for a while. Until I discovered a trick. Maybe everyone else already knew this and I’m just a little late in my realization, but to do a “sock bun,” you don’t actually need to roll your hair – or even have longish hair for that matter. You can just wrap and then pin in place around the sock, and it still looks very polished and stays in place. This is a great alternative for girls with shorter hair or lots of layers like me. Detailed steps are below, let me know what you think or if you have already tried out this technique – I love it!!

What you’ll need

  • bobbi pins (4-5 should be enough)
  • 2 hair elastics
  • brush
  • sock with the toe cut out or a hair doughnut
  • hairspray

Step 1

Brush your hair, then put it up in a ponytail.

Sock bun step 1.

Sock bun step 1.

Step 2

Pull ponytail through sock/hair doughnut.

Sock bun step 2.

Step 3

Cover sock completely with hair and wrap an elastic once or twice around hair to hold in the sock in place – it doesn’t have to be tight as we will pin hair in place after.

Sock bun step 3. Sock bun step 3.

Step 4

Gather the ends of hair and wrap around the base of the bun. Pin in place with bobbi pins as your wrap around.

Sock bun step 4. Sock bun step 4.

Step 5

Add hairspray, and you’re good to go!

Sock bun step 5.



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  • Oh my goodness – this is brilliant! I can’t believe I never thought of this. I cut my hair back in May and it’s been completely impossible for me to do the sock bun (wrapping) and I was so frustrated. Thanks for sharing this tip! I’m trying this ASAP. 🙂

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