Beauty Product Breakthrough: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

There are some beauty products you just can’t live without. Whether it’s your favorite mascara or blush, some products have us hooked from the first time we try them! I have a couple of products that I am extremely loyal to (don’t get me started on BareMinerals – you just can’t compare!). But recently, I’ve been hooked on a not-so-basic beauty product: eye shadow primer. Have you ever noticed that sometimes eye makeup will “travel” up your eyelid and crease/transfer onto your upper eyelid? It drives me crazy, and when you’re at work or school all day, you don’t want to have to worry about your eye shadow traveling or creasing.

I received a trial version of Urban Decay’sEye Shadow Primer Potion with one of my Urban Decay makeup palettes a few months ago. I had tried eye shadow primer before, but I never found one that would go on smoothly and allow me to apply eye shadow easily. Enter Urban Decay’s primer potion.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

You only need to use a VERY small dab (think half of a popcorn kernel), and it covers your entire eyelid smoothly. After you apply it, you can add your eye liner/eye shadow/mascara as usual. You won’t notice a different until later, when your eye makeup is still perfectly in place. Seriously, it won’t budge. The primer promises to last for 24 hours, so it’s a great option for a long work day or a night out! It’s a slight splurge for a small tube, but it will last you a long time (I finally restocked with a full-size tube this month), and it just adds so much polish to your look.

Let me know what you think – do you use any kind of primer on a daily basis, or just for special occasions?



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  • YES!!! I’m obsessed with this.. I have weirdly greasy eyelids and this keeps my eyeshadow on all day 🙂

  • thegurugoddess

    I have been using eye primers (and especially this one as well) more and more. I find that it really helps my eye makeup look great for so much longer and even prevents creasing.