4 Easy Weekend Packing Tips

Many of us are guilty of it. Give me a two-day trip and I’ll pack enough outfits for a month-long Mediterranean cruise. Recently though, I took a long-weekend trip to NYC and didn’t want to check a bag. The problem? It was going to be 40 degrees with rain one day, 60’s the next and 80 the last day. So I had to pack different outfits, coats and accessories for every day of the trip due to the unpredictable northeast climate. Here are a few of the easy weekend packing tips I learned after downsizing:

suitcase, coat, scarf and shoes

  1. Bring a light scarf. This will save you if it’s freezing, and it can help simplify your accessories. Plan a theme for your outfits – I could wear my leopard infinity scarf with two of my three daytime outfits, which made packing a lot easier (plus, I didn’t have to pack necklaces). And I could still wear it when it was hot out, but I wasn’t too warm. 
  2. Wear shoes you can walk in. I do not recommend buying new shoes and wearing them for the first time on your trip. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, pack a pair of comfortable shoes that you know do not hurt your feet or give you blisters. I know the sound of “comfortable shoes” may make you think of the stereotypical tourist wearing their white running sneakers and fanny pack – but they don’t need to be ugly! You can find fashionable, wearable shoes instead. I wore these brown Coach sneakers all three days and went home sans blisters and sore feet.
  3. Pack layers. You can always take off a sweater if you are too hot, but if you’re freezing and don’t have a coat, it could dampen your trip. Pack thin layers that can easily be folded into your suitcase. I brought this pink Calvin Klein trench and a Columbia fleece. Together, they were warm enough for a soccer game in 45 degree weather. And the trench was perfect to wear over my dress for a night out.
  4. Empty your purse and repack it. If you are going to be walking a lot, even the smallest of purses can weigh you down if it’s filled with loose change, 8 lipglosses and 2 packs of gum. Before you depart, empty out your purse and fill it with ONLY the essentials. I love travelling with this sleek black Coach messenger since it can easily fit into my suitcase and doesn’t show dirt.

What are your favorite “light” packing tips?



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